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Window Vinyls, advice on how to apply multiple layers, please?


Peter Thomas

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Post Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:02 pm

Window Vinyls, advice on how to apply multiple layers, please?


Just wondering the best technique for layering 2 to 3 colours on glass internal so they can be viewed externally.

I know you can get printed vinyls will the whole design but wondering the best way to do them in just vinyl for the best end result.

Thanks in advance.


Martin Pearson

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Post Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:18 am

Re: Window Vinyls, advice on how to apply multiple layers, please?

Best way is to fit it to the outside of the window which will make it more visible for a start. :lol:

If you have to apply internally then it will need to be applied in reverse, I would quite often apply multiple layers of vinyl by eye but bit tricky when you have to build it up with what would normally be the top layer applied first. For that reason then I would use registration marks at the top of each colour. Either a single straight line on each colour or something like a cross in the 2 top corners on each layer.
Appiy first layer along with stripe/crosses, then align second colours stripe/crosses to those already fitted etc etc :lol:

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