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Graphtec FC2200 initialisation puzzle, help please?


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Graphtec FC2200 initialisation puzzle, help please?

have been using an old but faithfull graphtec fc2200-90 for nearly 20 years...

untill recently when had to change a snapped drive belt then when we went to power up again....

there is no initialization routine...only the y bar moves very slowly down the table untill it get to the other end and stops

no pressing of any buttons other than the power button can stop this motion

has a sensor gone or something else.... would hate to bury this old faithfull just yet

any thoughts ??

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Re: Graphtec fc2200 initialisation puzzle ?

Can only guess check all cables you may have dislodged one
As you say don't want to bin it yet.
Do you have the manual

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Re: Graphtec FC2200 initialisation puzzle, help please?

I would agree with Chris, if you had to strip it down a bit to replace the belt then there is a good chance you have displaced a ribbon cable, they can move enough that the ribbon looses contact but still look like they are fitted properly. A sensor wouldn't stop you having something showing on the display :lol: :lol:

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