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OKI C511DN and number plate printing


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OKI C511DN and number plate printing

Hi guys, I'm new to the board and was looking just to confirm a few things. Ive got a small business selling cherished registrations. Im getting set up to start making number plates for my customers and I've just bought an OKI C511DN. I know a few who have the same printer and haven't modified it to print plates. Tennants are saying that the standard OKI C511DN print quality would be poor with an unmodified printer. I think its just a sales trick?

A modified printer just doesn't seem to the worth the money from them. Who else just runs a standard OKI printer for number plates?


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Re: OKI C511DN and number plate printing

Try a search on the forum, been discussed quite a bit & there were a couple of post just recently, a lot would seem to depend on what you want to print, just the black numbers or the coloured Country badges as well.

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