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Tekcel Tornado help??


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Tekcel Tornado help??

Can anyone recommend a good Tekcel Engineer have been to inc solutions with our tornado which is cutting with flat spots and circle test fails gives egg shaped cuts are not smooth and look almost like the milling bit is moving, but it is not cut spent £1800 so far and they still do not know what the problem is, we have had new belts motors bushes, even looked at software. It has got to the point where CNC solutions do not know where to go with it far short of throwing parts at it.... any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Tekcel Tornado help??

How about speaking with Tekcel direct realise they don't have offices in UK but sure they would want to get it sorted asap


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Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:29 pm

Re: Tekcel Tornado help??

Is it just circles that come out the wrong shape? Have you tried cutting squares & measuring them? If it's just circles then I would suspect a cv setting but if it is cutting squares that are more like rectangles then I would be looking at backlash, binding of some sort on one axis.
Have you tried the circle test using different parts of the table? This may help to identify binding on one axis if it is confined to a particular area of a screw.

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