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Internal window stickers.


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Internal window stickers.

Hi everyone this may or may not have been asked before, it may also be a very dumb sounding question for you guy with a lot of experience, i have a new customer who requires some window graphics that are visable from the outside. Am i right in printing in reverse on clear vinyl and laminating in white? if this is the case what do i do about the crop marks? im using a roland versacamm printer.

thanks in advance Rich

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yup your correct, print on clear in reverse & laminate with white (make sure you don't use a grey adhesive!)

Crop marks - we have a light box setup. Have before just used a window and put pencil marks.

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We place masking tape over the reg marks, the lam with white, then carefully remove the white around the reg marks

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ahh that sounds easy enough, ill give that a go, thanks for the replies.

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Post Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:20 pm

Just had a go at this myself - quite easy to do once you get your head round printing and laminating in reverse!
And there's a good use for left-over print film...not the grey backed though, forgot to check on the first run...

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Give enough room between the crop marks and the print and just laminate the print with white leaving the crop marks clear.

Unless i'm mistaking the cutter should be able to see the crop marks in the clear.

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