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Halo & Face LED's


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Halo & Face LED's

Our customer has some existing letters that are approximately 400mm high, with 90mm returns, neon inserts, clear backtrays and opal faces.
Recently the neon has come to the end of its life (12 years old) and is starting to fail on a regular basis.
We have advised the client to replace with LED's for various reasons we all know about. But how can we achieve Halo & face illumination with LED's.
Anyone done similar or got any ideas?


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Try doing a search on the forum, not something I generally do any more but Appletec always seem to get good reviews on here, worth speaking to them.
It could simply be a transformer fault which would be much cheaper to replace but you need to be high voltage qualified to do that,

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Post Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:27 pm

Hi Russell,

I would recommend having some opal polycarb backtrays making and then installing the LED's on the backtrays so they shine into the letter through the face. With the backtrays being opal, the light that doesn't come through the face wil come out the rear as a halo. It also helps if the letter are painted white inside. We call this primary face and seondary halo so only one set of LED's are needed.

If you want an extra bright halo, you could insert a baffle plate into the letters and mount LED's either side of this plate, shining forwards and backwards - but you will be doubling up on LED's then.

Hope this helps :D

Katie (Applelec)

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