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How do i replace the pinch rollers?


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How do i replace the pinch rollers?

Hi, over the weekend one of my pinch rollers has fallen apart (the rubber has detached), i've just ordered a new pair from Graphtec GB, but, unless they come with some instructions I've no idea how to fit these things, there's a small metal washer kinda thing that looks to secure them in place but i've no idea even how to undo that.
Any advice at all would be great as things have a nasty habit of going wrong on me!

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Don't know if it depends on the model but mine was held with a circlip (see pic)
pushed it off with flat blade screwdriver, Be careful or it'll fly off and disappear!!

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Had the same thing (plotter was well over 10 years old though) got a new set from Harry. Simon is right be careful, those clips fly off. Quick job if you don't lose the clips:)
Alan D

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i was talking to chris wool over the wekend and yeah its not easy but .. i have to replace the plastic foot... decided that it will take days lol

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Thanks for all the kind replies, yes it is one of those tiiiny looking clips Simon, and yes I am absolutely terrfied of losing it! I think i'll put a sandwich bag or something round the whole foot and then if/when it decides to fly off it'll land in the bag.
Once the clips off does the axel the roller is on just slide straight out?

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