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Best vinyl for a beginner?


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Best vinyl for a beginner?

Morning all,

Having been on the Grafityp wrapping course with James, we are looking at offering vehicle wrapping to our customers. At the moment we do clothing so all our vinyl comes from Grafityp. We have had a go at wrapping (boot & bonnet of company vehicle) with their cast vinyl.

Obviously practice is key with wrapping so before we carry on with our own vehicles, I just wondered what was the best, cost-effective vinyl / laminate combo to use so that we make it as easy as possible for ourselves to get it right before we offer it to customers. Is the Grafityp stuff good for us or are there better alternatives?

Also, which squeeges do people generally prefer / recommend?

Thanks in advance

Anthony :)

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Hi Antony

If you have been on a course with Grafityp, you would have used their wrapping vinyl, so it makes sense to use theirs not go to another brand where it might need different skills to make it work..

My stepson covers a gold squeege with felt strips you can buy.

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Its good but I would look at 3M IJ180 as that is a bit easier to apply and has air release channels.

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As above the 3M 1080 series is veyr easy to wrap with, I try and push my customers to select a 3M colour if I can.

How does the Hexis car wrap vinyl compare with ease of use compared to 3M? They seem to have a lovely range of colours now....

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Avery Supreme wrapping film is our preferred choice.
It has air release and is very good to work with.
We use felt edge and Teflon squeegees.

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