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Thinking about incorporating a LED Panel on a Vinyl Sign


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Thinking about incorporating a LED Panel on a Vinyl Sign

A customer has requested me to incorporate LED Flat panel display in to a shop front vinyl sign.
I have found this one, which allows my client to change the words and messages as he sees fit every day.
Im just a bit worried about waterproofing the LED sign iteslf looks to be waterproof, but I am more concerned about the edges with the vinyl sign.
Has anyone tried this ?
Any tips?

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Hi Frank,

I checked the specs of that led sign and whilst it says "suitable for outdoor
use" just can't see any IP ratings there.

What I can see is a IEC power connection and maybe a parallel port-pc connection, which in this image are not waterproof. This means we can only assume this sign can is only be suitable for occasional outdoor use and will be no good on a sign fascia unless you seal it properly...

Maybe I am wrong and they have another more professional version which is fully certified for outdoor use but at those prices I doubt its this model. You should get these "IP" or ingress protection ratings (if any) clarified with the supplier. Ask them if they have a model that is not just "suitable" but "guaranteed" to last outdoors - I'd "know nothing" and ask if the sign is OK with moisture and condensation.

General Tips / Summary:
if you need to install an illuminated moving message sign on a shopfront my suggestion would be to find one with an IP rating. This should also
mean all it's port connections power & signal sealed are IP Rated or concealed in a seperate IP-enclosure. Ideally, you'd want this sign rated to at least IP54 and if you can find one for under £500.00 let me know!

Here is some basic I found for you on "IP" ratings:
(I am not affiliated to this company in anyway)

Alternative idea is design the sign yourself with and make it waterproof.
E.g. Basically have a fascia "tray" with a slot to put this sign into,
you then put vinyl or vinyl prints on face panels adjacent to the slot and then seal the entire face or "led-sign" part with a polycarb, acrylic or glass face on it. The back and sides + all perimeter edges need to be considered too.
If you just need to seal the vinyl edges old trick is to use a transparent acrylic lacquer and/or wrap the vinyl into or around the panel edges.

Most outdoor signs that are built to last do need to be "waterproof" and remember anything to do with electronics does not like condensation

Hope this info assists.


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