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Acrylic Guest House Sign with LED pink glow effect.


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Acrylic Guest House Sign with LED pink glow effect.

I am looking for ideas to create the effect shown and described.
customer would like
3D cut lettering in a Brushed silver finish.
Background panel of Frosted Blue Acrylic.
White light shining through blue panel to sillouette name at night.
Pink light shining out around edges of panel.

I approached several trade sign makers who have come up with quite different methods with quite different prices, and beginning to think it may be easier and cheaper to make myself.
I have no experience of working with LED so not sure what is required for attachment, hiding the units and strength & colour of lights required.
Panel is to be 600 x 300mm.

Lettering variations have ranged from 3mm composite stuck with VHB tape to Cut acrylic glued and faced with Brushed silver effect vinyl.
Panel has ranged from Gloss acrylic with frosted Blue transluscent vinyl to Frosted Acrylic with plain Blue transluscent vinyl.

Lighting effect has ranged from backing the main panel with opaque vinyl so all lights are hidden and then either using pink LEDs or using white LEDS with acrylic returns covered in pink translescent vinyl.

So ideas to how others would approach this and what you would consider the best method of construction would be appreciated.
many thanks
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Stuart I think your biggest problem is to get decent pink light out of LEDs. You might have to go neon if the budget allows.

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Re: Acrylic Guest House Signn with LED pink glow effect.


you can use a RGB module fixed on pink which gives a very strong colour - use the 5050 modules as the extra cost will give a much brighter effect.


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