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Some help needed please!


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Some help needed please!

Hi all,

I have a customer that wants some extra signage put onto the front of his shop window, basically what he would like is the same as what he as as the top of his window copied along the bottom, with a printed image inside it.

2 things that I am slightly unsure of, I presume I will have to get my print guy to print the image in reverse onto clear, i'd apply this to the window, then apply a white vinyl behind it? This will be my first attempt at printing in reverse so any advice would be great, i will be practicing before I go of course!

My other query is trying to match that colour what is already there. It looks to me like a kind of silver frosted vinyl? I've only ever used boggo coloured frosted so unsure I am right? I doubt it would be normal silver if it has stuck on in reverse? Any ideas what sort of vinyl it would be?

Many thanks

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I can help sort of with one of your questions,,,, Make sure if you do print onto clear you use the acrylic based adhesive (cant remember if its (polymeric or monomeric). Basically if you were applying the print wet and using a non acrylic adhesive you get a nasty milky effect all over the print. The other stuff costs more but saves you having to do it all over again! I only know this because i did a print job for an exhibition company and when we tried to fit the vinyl to the glass the print went milky! oops


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Chris, have a look at the back of the vinyl.
If it is a matt finish and slightly rough, it is most likely etch.
Which etch will be another matter.

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Thomas, most adhesives are acrylic , some waterbased acrylic and some solvent acrylic , its the solvent acrylic you need , ask for acrylic and most will supply waterbased which will go milky when applied wet.

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