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Film lam for vehicle wrap


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Film lam for vehicle wrap

I need to laminate vehicle wrap vinyl and was wondering if you need a special cast laminate for it or would any laminate do?? i have noticed alot of people are very fussy in the industry as to what they prefer to use with regards to wrap vinyl and the laminate that goes on to it. :)


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Haven't you finished this job yet? :D

The laminate should match the print vinyl. Speak to whoever supplied that and ask their recommendation.

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Phillip, always use the laminate that is matched to the base material it is no good trying to cut corners on cheap alternatives,


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totally agree, this is where a huge amount of problems occur as the Lam needs to bend and shape with the vinyl so if it is not a matching set it will have a different surface tension and it will never stay in the grooves or go around the bumpers and stay.

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Hi There,

Definately agree , the vinyl you printed on will or should have a matching overlaminate that ideally should be cast on the same machine and have identical characteristics to the film.

When put together you are simply creating a thicker vehicle wrap film.


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