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does anyone know how to export fountain fills into adobe?


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does anyone know how to export fountain fills into adobe?

Hi All
Anybody out there know how to export fountain fills / graduations etc from signlab into illustrator successfully - I end up with a black solid colour. I have tried native illustrator (ai) and eps exports but to no avail. Pretty pointless designing in Signlab if you lose all the information when it's sent to another graphics programme.
Alternatively is there a way to save the output as a post script file that can be opened successfully by illustrator.
I output in full colour using the "Shiraz" RIP - this software deals directly with eps / jpg / tif / etc but not signlab files - this means that anything I do in signlab has to be exported as an eps file then printed as is, or preferably, modified in illustrator first.
If I render the image to bitmap this removes the ability to edit in another programme.
Frustrated of Manchester

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If you have Acrobat - print to Distiller - open/import pdf in Illustrator or get Jaws pdf creator (with editor less than £80) and do same thing.

Export as eps - import into Corel Draw with either eps or interpreted filter - publish to pdf from there and import into Illustrator.

Intall Postscript printer driver and set to file - print to this and put this into Illustrator. I think some postscript drivers can be set to make eps rather than ps file.

My own preference for doing this kind of design would be to do it in Corel as it seems more suited to print output than sign programmes.

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Cheers Alan - my next step was to try Corel. I rarely use Signlab for colour work but part of my job is to work with the files created by other signlab users in our company who pass their work over to me for colour correction and to add the bells and whistles.

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Corel is an excellent partner to SignLab, I use it daily. I design in Corel at pace, whizz it into EPS format, then layout in SignLab ready to cut. Its perfect!

I have the advantage of knowing Corel pretty well, but in my case it saves me learning the intricate details of SignLab. And Corel is so intuative and easy to pick up. I sound like an advert for the Corel Corporation here!! :P

Where abouts in Manchester are you Col? And do you drink coffee? (hint hint) :wink:

Cheers, Dewi

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Post Wed Mar 24, 2004 12:18 pm

To get the gradients out of Signlab e6 you have two choices. The first is to use the Print and Cut with the "Postscript sent" option (Print and Cut Setup) set to "Output to Disk" this will create a PS file which will open in Illustrator (9.0) with gradients. This method is OK if you do not use the print and cut for ripping. If you do just load in a new postscript printer (I recommend the HP designjet 3500CP PS3 as this has a good selection of page sizes small and large) and set the port to file. Then just use print and name the file anything.PS and again this will open with all fills intact. The same files will probably open direct into any RIP that you use too.


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