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how do i import eps & AI files into SignLab please?


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how do i import eps & AI files into SignLab please?

Hello Everyone,

This may well have been covered in the past so apologies in advance as I don't visit that often. However, I have a Graphic Designer client who works currently with Adobe Illustator v.9 on a Mac, whereas I use SignLab on a PC. Anyway, I'm having a devil of a job importing .eps and AI files from this client. Other designers send me work via attachments or on disk and I have no problems at all? Is there something he should be doing to the files or is the fault at my end. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm at a loss what to suggest. May end up losing the client altogether if I can't fix the problem!

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Have had similar problems from not all Mac users but a couple, you don't say what happens when you try and open them.

Make sure he saves "converting all text to curves" maybe try saving back to an older version of ai version 6.0 that always works with Gerber Omega.

I have sometimes renamed a mac file and made it work....sometimes when you get mail from a mac you get a load of non decipherable text as an attachment...have selected all that and saved as an ai and got that to work.

Send the file to me and I can see if I can help you.

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Post Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:36 pm

Most MACS save the file without the filename suffix (.ai / .eps) - if you rename them with the suffix you might have better luck. The disc has to be PC compatible but I'm sure you know that. The fonts are a problem, as Henry says, so fonts must be converted to outlines. I also find that native illustrator filese (up to ver7) open more successfully than illustrator eps files in Signlab e6 / 5.

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Post Thu Feb 26, 2004 5:41 pm

Thanks for that advice, I'll try renaming them first. The client says that he converts them to paths, and that Illustrator 9 is supposedly cross platform ie Mac to PC, though I might ask him to send me files in v7 or below.

Really appreciate your offer Henry, if the above does not work I will gladly email the files onto you. I have a little time as the client is away para gliding in Brazil!! I must be in the wrong job!

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I have e6 an I need to save in version 8 to avoid problems

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In addition to previous posts - if you receive MAC discs of any discription go to and download Transmac and Crossfont , these will enable you to read their disks and use MAC fonts. If they have a *.sit extension you can use Alladin stuffit expander to extract file (free to download). Some Illustrator files may have a *.art extension - these can be renamed to ai or eps. Note Mac file structures are slightly different in that they use Data and Resource forks, Ai file etc will be in the Data fork and font outlines in Resource fork. I have used these programmes along with Corel Draw and Acrobat and between them all I usually manage get something from a Mac when there has been no consideration for pc at saving. Hope this helps.

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Illustrator Files

I routinely tell agencies that send me work to save as version 6 .ai file, had exactly the same problems with Signlab.

Version 6 = no frills, tiny filesizes.


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In Illustrator 9, Adobe changed the format of AI to a PDF type of file. This will not import in to Signlab. AI version 8.0 should be OK in Signlab e6. It is worth noting that some work was done to the AI import filter in the later revisions of e6.1, so if you have an earlier revision it would be worth downloading a patch to bring it up to build 13.

As a general rule for mac exports you need the files in PC format, with extensions (eg Filename.AI). Also if written to CD's the CD's also need to be formatted so they can be read on PC's (ISO9660 format I think).


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