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Hi all,
I have a customer who wants to stencil his skips.
Whats the best method for this and does anyone provide this service.
They will need to use the stencil 300+ times.

All advice apreciated.



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The skip company I do work for used to have stencils but now I supply them with white panels of vinyl with black lettering already applied. They stick the panels on themselves. They look better than stencils and last well.

I have hand cut stencils from 3mm foam and for metal like the skips, cut from magnetic vinyl but they need handling with care.


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Hi there,
If the skip company want to use painted lettering rather than vinyl graphics you could suggest PVC stencils. These can be machined on a CNC router and the material can be as thin as 0.7mm thick, it is suitable for uses over and over again and is much stronger and durable than foamex. Contact a local sign company who has a router if do not have one yourself, should be quite cheap to produce as the material is not very expensive.
Hope this helps.

(The material is sometimes called press polished PVC- try Amari plastics)

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I do some of these for a few companies, I normally use 2mm clear polycarbonate. It is more resistant to the paint solvents and obviously much tougher aswell. I just get it routered out by a local company - fairly cheap process, although a bit more than using foamex.

hope this helps a little,


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Post Tue Feb 24, 2004 10:30 am

Cheers guys
I'll be able to sort from here.


Johnny :)

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