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is the Roland SC500 with heater a piece of Junk?


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Post Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:19 pm

is the Roland SC500 with heater a piece of Junk?

Hi All,

My anwser to my own question is, I guess it is a piece of junk! :evil:
After contacting our supplier about our ink rubbing off and some cases
not sticking, still no response. If we don't get a quick response and a resonable answer to solve our problem, its going stright back in the box
and back to the place of purchase. It really is disappointing to say the least.
Close signmaking friends of ours about 8 hours drive away, bought a full solvent mimaki and love it. Fantastic results and fibrant colour and no clear coating required unless full protect required.

Fair Dinkum, why would roland sell a machine that does'nt do whats its made up to do!Would be like selling a 4x4 that doesn't perform well off road. What a load of Crap!

Has anybody else came to the same conclusion or by any chance found the solution other than buying another machine!

Any thoughts would be apprecated.


Tim & Gary Knight

p.s. don't mean to upset anybody's day just venting a little :lol:

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Post Tue Jan 20, 2004 10:48 am

What inkset are you using , what vinyl are you using and what settings on the RIP are you using? Didnt your dealer/supplier install the machine , train you etc? I thought that was part of the deal? I know Roland insists their agents do that.
Is this a factory fitted 500 or someone who had a 500 and retrofitted a heater?

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Post Tue Jan 20, 2004 9:18 pm

Hi Rodney,
thanks for the reply
We are using the EcoSOl Ink supplied with the machine.
Printing onto a cv300 calendered vinyl and Avery900 cast vinyl.
Using the calendered and cast ICC profiles from roland.
The heater, etc is factory fitted. we are the first in our region to have one
as far as I know. There is another machine in town purchased a few months before ours without the Ecosol and heater. He is waiting on a retrofit. We decided to wait that few months to get the factory fitted unit. The company we purchased from hadn't seen or installed
the heater model yet. They are sending us materials to try out for them
to assist in setting up other machines prfiles etc.
Unfortunately they are 3 - 4 hrs drive from us so generally most suppliers of machinery are not that eager to jump in the car to assist we have found with any machine we have purchased. I have been on the phone to them everyday to get an answer and they are in discussions with roland as we speak. TOday I have to print some samples on all materials, with profiles written down and even clearcoat some samples. Air mail it tonite and hopefully tommorrow they will see roland with the samples to sortout what could be wrong. Of course they say we are the only ones that are having trouble. Come on!
We even mentioned this forum that a few had expressed trouble.
" I would'nt believe that, What site? " etc, etc.
Any how possibly Friday I might have an answer :-?

Thanks again for your reply Rod

Tim Knight

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Post Mon Jan 26, 2004 3:56 am

Roland Printer

Hi Tim & Garry,

I have a SC540 which was upgraded to "EX" status in October.
I have also had some teething problems with the new inks, profiles, vinyls etc, but I have most of them sorted out now.
I am in Launceston Tasmania, so if I can be of any help send me an e-mail.

Scott Lovell

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