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Graphtec - Workshop / Course


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Graphtec - Workshop / Course

Hi Guys & Girls,
I have a new employee starting soon and one of the tasks that i have laid out for him is to work our Graphtec cutter.
He has no sign making background at all so i wanted to put him through a course on cutting machines.
He will not be tasked to do anything fancy just some run of the mill text and logo jobs.

Can anybody recommend a course?
Ideally in Scotland but he can travel if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Surely he needs a course on design & operating whatever design software you have? operating the Graphtec is the easy part. :D

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Just buy a cheap roll of vinyl and let him play!

That's all I did when we had someone start here.
Cost us about £30 for the vinyl.. but she quickly picked up how to use SignLab, the cutter and how to weed text and images with lots of detail.

She also did some butterflies for her car... so in was in her own interest that they looked good.


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