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which printer would suit my needs please pc60 or pc600?


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which printer would suit my needs please pc60 or pc600?

Hi everyone i have a problem and hope that someone out there will be able to help
I have started making signs etc in a trailer at various markets and shows
i want to start producing badges and decals etc from the trailer and need a colour printer with a contour cut capability
i am restricted for space in the trailer and time between order and production and the machines that seem to fit my criteria are the roland pc60 & pc600 colour camm
can anybody advise me as to the differance between the machines and which one would better suit my needs
regards and thank you in advance for your replies

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The PC600 is the better machine of the two. Both have high running costs but the PC600 has a ribbon saving feature that makes it more economical than the PC60. Best use for these is for spot colour printing. Full colour CMYK is very slow and expensive but for producing small spot colour badges and decals these machines are ok. The other issue is spares - not sure how easy it is nowadays to get a replacement head which are notoriously prone to failing. The advantage these machines have over solvent printers are there is no need to wait for the print to dry and their ability to print gold and silver. If you play to their strengths (instant spot colour prints featuring gold and silver) they have a place.

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Hi Chris,

I have had my PC600 for 3 months and I am finding it really useful for small run decal and label work.

I was fortunate that the person who sourced it for me was a UKSG member and therefore could be trusted (nice one Frank) and was a great help in setting up the machine.

As a standby I bought a replacement Print Head from Roland GB for £175,00 + VAT etc, this has not been installed as the original cleaned up well with a cleaning pen and prints perfectly. The only problems I found with bad printing was choosing the most appropriate vinyl, the one I have had the least problem with is the Grafityp 200/300 series 210 white, the most problematic being the Hexis S5000 series vinyl which seems to be covered in scratches which caused gaps in the print.

I reload my cartridges with Fuji 'no snap' ribbon which can be purchased from suppliers such as Printone, and have worked out the printing cost to 7.63pence / 100mm2 for spot colour (more for silver and Gold) and 30.52pence / 100mm2 for CYMK + cost of the substrate. For large runs and big prints get quotes from other board members.

I hope that this helps in your decision to buy, read through the related posts, and be cautious, there are scams on some auction sites.

Best regards

Calculations = £5.50 per 90mtr ribbon at 8mm print height.

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Re: PC60 OR PC600 ?

C Harris wrote:PC60 OR PC600 ?


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Re Many Thanks

Hi Jeremy
My sincerest thanks for the reply. You included alot of answers to questions i'd been meaning to ask about for some time. I appreciate the time you've taken to put all that information together for me. Also thanks to everyone else who took the time to reply.

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