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Pilots license (NPPL)


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Post Sat Nov 08, 2003 11:27 am

Pilots license (NPPL)

I am 5 hours short of going solo, by this time next week i hope to be on solo (weather permitting), then approx 10 more hours and a few more exams i should gain my wings, anybody else taken up flying.. I think i was having a mid life crisis and decided to do somthing a little different.... work work work and no quality time so i take about 4/5 hours a week away from the desk and go flying........ but its amazing what people you meet away from work have got at least 3 orders from various members of the local airfield flying club.. shame the lessons are not a tax loss

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Post Sat Nov 08, 2003 11:30 am


yep, just landed a 2 legged stork, great flight, thinking of launching a new airline to take over from concorde.

anyone know of a vinyl that will stick to feathers?

seriously, yes 5 hours logged in c152, still a novice

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Post Sat Nov 08, 2003 3:14 pm

The flying is 100% freedom! I am a glider (sailplane) pilot, and when I have some spare time on weekend I go to the airfield. In this summer, I got my FAI D license. :D
Unfortunately now comes the winter, no gliding! :cry:

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Post Mon Nov 17, 2003 1:07 am

Well this is my worst fear… flying!!!!
I hate it but don’t let it stop me travelling.. well sometimes i do.. :-? Ive been to all types of countries but never enjoying the flight no matter.. infact the more I fly the worse I get!
I was offered an all expenses paid trip to Belgium to visit the MACtac factory and see how vinyl was produced from scratch… guess what? I had to decline due to the flight.. 2 flights in 4 days would end me :o … (wish I had went though)
Anyway.. I agree on a new past time.. in the last few months I go to the gym 3 times a week. Gets me out and off the computer. Feel 100% fitter these days which helps as I dig a hell of a lot of holes for free standing signs.

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My dad passed away almost 23 years ago , but was a VERY keen pilot , and I used to go up with him often , he used to race and enter aerobatic competitons etc.
Recently - after not having flown for about 28 years , a friend of mine took me up in a light plane (I forget the model , skyking comes to mind) and I wasn't a happy chappy , I had forgotten how small these things were and how slow they flew and the fact we missed another light aircraft by literally a few meters was pretty scary and made me nervous - it was also a very turbulent ride), but it was more for my 7 yr old daughter that I went up than anything else. After an hour I and his fiance had had enough :)
My dad had a Cessna 150 aerobatic and used to take great delight in scaring the hell outa me - he also re-built a Spitfire in conjunction with his cousin and they donated it to the SA Airforce who did the final completion and flight testing , on the proviso that they could fly it at any time. I have a picture in my office of the plaen in flight and an amazing one of it under the nose of the Concorde at the handing over ceremony.
I remember when I was a "pisher" , going to the flying club and cadging rides with anyone that was flying , even if they were doing circuits and bumps.
Currently my only connection with flying are the few products I make for a UK co called Pooleys - they sell flying stuff and we make some rulers , protractors , flight calculators and a few other odds and ends.
I still have my dads Breitling Navitimer watch he was so enamoured of - dont wear it tho.

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