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Did anybody see the programme last night on the views of man aged 35 -55?
It cheered me up immensely knowing there are others out there with similar views.

It makes it all the more relevant when I look at my (You don't know what it's like) teenage son with his spiked lip, mop 'a' top hair style, FLAIRS and his awesome lack of ambition (:) (:)


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Hi Keith

I'm with you on this one. My eldest lad has a stud through his tongue! I shudder at painted tattoos, so studs just horrify me. Makes you feel a bit old (and grumpy!) though when you have lived through a fashion mode more than once!!

How have you got on with your PC600 print head exchange?

All the best from sunny Shropshire


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I didn't see the program but it sounds like one I could relate to :lol:

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Oh you definately could relate to it Phil. I watched it the other night, and this is from the person who remembers seeing Rick Wakeman and that famous gold cloak of his.

And loon pants, and making narrow trouser legs wider by inserting that piece of material and Biba makeup (though you blokes wouldn't know about all that :roll: ) still have my Biba Paint Box which I bought in the big fantastic Kensington Store. Dorothy Perkins Group has more than a few questions that need answering on that score :evil:

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Phill told me he buys all his best clothes from Dolly Perkins, I thought Bob Geldof was the best, what a difference a few years make, from "I hate Mondays" to grumpy old men, John Peel now theres a cool dude, the man that brought us one of the best pop records ever, Teenage Kicks by the Undertones, ahh 1977 Punk, got chucked out of school for dying me hair like a bumble bees bum (yes I did have hair once) :lol:

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Got a photo Steve? :D

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Post Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:58 pm

So what do WE moan about?
I moan about parking charges in London
No I don't moan about them
I get really, really, really ANGRY (hot) (hot) (hot)
I suppose they're only doing their job (:) (:) (:)
They've got to feed their family as well :evil: :evil: :evil:

Why do I still feel ANGRY?? *change*

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