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What were YOU before?


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What were YOU before?

No this is not about whether you had a past life as a Roman Emperor or something :)

Just been reading Henry's post and he reveals he has an HGV (LGV) license!

Incidentally, so did I. Was on the road for many years as a commercial driver

We haven't always been signmakers
What other professions have we've been involved in?

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Previous Experience

Hi John
You should get some interesting replies to this one!
So way back when I was lad - worked for Ministry of Defence. Electronics. Was responsible for building the control consuls at a Royal Ordnance Factory, for Britains first military comms satellite network (Is it still secret?) Probably dropped out of the skies long ago! Things went down hill from there!
Regards Dave Standen

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I am a registered dental nurse and worked in the industry for 7yrs before moving on to sign making. Started the sign making after Steves dad died as he was a traditional sign writer and painter & decorator with a lot of customers, so we took the plunge and bought a Graphtec plotter and here we are, although Steve still does his painting & decorating side.

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I've always been doing this job...

had one different job, lasted about 6 months. It was measuring houses and creating floor plans, for estate agents (only houses worth more than £300k back 15years ago)
Very posh pads


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left school at 16, my best freinds family owned a huge bakery in central scotland.. i went to work there writing on & decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes etc.. (can you imagine the amount of folk getting a wedding/birthday cakes that i had spelled their name wrong? :o :lol: ) "only joking, spelling police :wink:
anyway i loved it and did it almost 2 years i think.. my dads sign company was getting very busy at the time and required staff a.s.a.p. he offered me a bit more money and better hours so i went, and here i am..

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: if only i would have stayed put :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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...did the typical lad thing when I left school - had about 721 jobs in 2 years!...did settle in the Railway though and became a qualified trackside welder aged 19 (repairing track after derailments etc.) and prior to becoming a signmaker I spent about nine years working for the Browning Arms Co. got promoted through the company doing, gun repairs, gun sales, weapons demonstrations (including learning trick shooting) and accompanying buyers abroad etc.

and now I'm a vinyl jockey!

more soon


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Good question :D

I'm a part qualified accountant. I joined a firm when I left school at 16 (in 1997) & left them in July this year to take up running my own business full time from home.

The moneys not as good (yet) but not having 2.5 hours travelling per day and the reduced stress levels more than make up for it!


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Left school at 16, had a few crappy jobs then at 17 got a job at a local printers working in the darkroom making printing plates (pre computers), at 23 went to London and worked first at the BBC in the printining Dept left there and went to the British Museum, still printing, at 29 was offered a job working for the MOD at Nottingham still in printing but this time doing the Army's equivalent of Haynes manuals, you know "how to mend your tank in 5 easy steps" :lol: :lol: then at the ripe old age of 35 got made redundant by the MOD took the redundancy and ran like hell :lol: thought about blowing it on wandering the world but being stupid/sensible I set up doing this and thats the story so far :cool: Oi! wake up you lot I've finished :D

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I studied Sports Science & Fitness at university, then in my third year I became a qualified tennis coach.

Coached tennis for 3-4 years full time before becoming exhausted (well 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week on a tennis court, what can you expect!)

Got kidnapped by a guy I knew from my tennis club back home, he owned a sign company and had just opened a new branch in London and asked me to do some part time admin/reception type work. 6 months down the line I was running the shop on my own so a very steep learning curve ensued - so the stuff i know is all self taught and may not be the correct way to go about things but it gets me by.

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After school I wanted to go to Art college, had A-level art etc dad was against it, long hair and weed etc....learnt all about that anyway!

I went to Agricultral College instead, loved working on the farm but no money, went in to Agri-contracting, then onto plant-hire, and then trucks.

It was while at Knebworth in the 70's that I spotted Edwin Shirley Trucking backstage and thought that looked like an interesting lifestyle, so contacted them at Crows Rd Westham, and got a job, and did that all over Europe for years, we earned great money did spotlights on everyshow, it was abit like doing what others liked to do when they were free but getting paid for it!

Anyway met the wife up here while working on Springsteen in 85 and so with the birth of my daughter in the early 90's, decided that it would be nice to see her grow up and stopped fulltime touring, have done a little most years since to meet up with mates, and for the crack (as in fun, rather than for the drug :) )

Mis it at times, loved the freedom of driving artics the length and bredth of Europe, but have built up a nice little sign business, and am happy as I get abit older to have some stability in life.

Got alot of wacky memories from years gone by most of which couldn't be shared here!

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Hey! Can I have a go?

Started out in the rag trade ending up doing top work on Gents Jackets for Simpson's Piccadilly of London. Hit the road in 1970 till about 15 year ago when I did Painting & Decorating and general building work, (boy! was that hard graft). From building work to office work!

Wait for it!..... I was the 'man from the Pru' :lol: :lol:

From there I dived feet first into signwriting. They were hard days competing with vinyl firms!

here I am! :D :D
and luvin' it

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OK my turn :o

Left school at 15, pretty soon after got introduced to the engraving trade, learned on the job and worked as a hand engraver.
The best job I had was in Selfridges in Oxford Street, then back in Oz I continued for some years.

In Tasmania I went to Art School for 3 years, had a range of jobs from picking apples to blowing up rocks in a quarry. Later worked in a camera store while I studied ticketwriting.
At the end of that course I started business as a signwriter (rude shock awaited).
Then computers came along, I was the first in our state to embrace them. they gave me an edge that I lacked with the brush.

and here I am :D

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Post Thu Sep 25, 2003 1:56 pm

I did a fine art course at art college ( 3 years), then a signwriting apprenticeship (4 years ) and have been a traditional signwriter ever since,
which is now over 25 years pushing paint, and loved every minute !!!!!

Brian the Brush

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when i left school i completed a 4 yr apprentiship as a toolmaker/cnc machinist, then i went onto 14 yrs working for London underground ( 10 of them on the Pway fixing and patroling the Tracks ) 3 yrs in a train crew office looking after 300 odd traindrivers, and thats where i'm leaving it learning "The Trade"

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My first part time job was as a Trolley pusher for Sainsbury's and helped me to one old customer said, 'the strongest pelvic thrust in Chelmsford'! Watch em next time your shopping.......... :-?

Went full time, done the training, joined another company as Branch Manager of small Supermarket. I've still to sue Coronation Street for basing Curly Watts on my character!

Went into sales on local paper, worked my way up to Sales Manager, launching new titles, one for CAMRA....hic, 6 months hard labour at Yellow Pages followed, then I was into London as Sales Manager on licensed trades Daily Paper, hic....burp..........hic ...Couple of years unemployed (believe me 40 hours a week is overated anyway) and stayed at home ducking and diving, babysitting etc.,

Worked for a Screenprinter, as a Sales agent and then became a Rent Boy (that last bits a joke, :o but I tried several jobs to get back into work, including selling weird's that!?)

Joined the Daily Mirror in Sales, left to drive a Van for a year, worked in sales on Local Radio station, then launched a Business magazine for a local Ad Agency.

While, all this was going on I was buying and doing up houses, selling T-shirts and Boxing Equipment on the side. Running a Boxing club, playing football and producing children........! I knew that pelvic thrust would come in handy one day!! :oops:

If anyone wants a copy of my book titled 'Life..taking it easy' stick a tenner in the post!!

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I worked as a legal secretary for 5 years, then took computer course at local college, was offered job with firm then called Rexham (UK) stayed there in the accounts/computer section for 7 years (until first child came along). Went back to work when Claire was 4 worked as part time clerk typist at local Mental Hospital (now closed and looking very much worse for wear). Did the usual Mum thing for a while, then started a few craft fairs but got fed up with 3Ps (Pick up, put down, p*** off). Saw an advert in a computer magazine about sublimation printers, looked into this bought the equipment and have been expanding options ever since. But my main business is sublimation and T-shirt printing. I tend to leave all the serious signs to all the people who know :)

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I was twenty years in the brewing industry (Man and boy) before being sacked... (I mean made redundant - they had to restructure the company you see and therefore my job no longer existed. :-? .... which makes you wonder why they had bothered to employ me all those years :roll: )

I started as a laboratory assistant and studied chemistry on a day release basis. Soon after qualifying, I moved into the production side of the company and spent many happy years brewing beer. Saturday nighshifts were particularly entertaining :lol: It seemed the shift always had a burns supper every Saturday night shift. And yes one of my jobs was to taste the finished beer :D.

Eventually I reached the dizzy heights of technical manager before someone realised how incompetent I actually was and left me out of a job when the restructuring came along!!

Any way I took the money and ran. I used my redundancy payout to set up as a signmaker.

Seven years later I'm a lot happier than I would have been had I stayed. However I'm thinking of restructuring my own business soon so I'm not sure what role I will play in it :-?

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Post Thu Sep 25, 2003 10:18 pm

worked in the asbestos trade doing method statements, risk assessments blah....blah....blah....and then at weekends hot foil work.

came back off holiday one year to find the company had disappeared.

had the choice to either start my own asbestos company with a work colleague, or pursue into the promotional come signmaking trade. :-?

well, thought the asbestos game was dead and buried, so, here i am. :D

incidently, the asbestos game was far from dead and buried and the colleague i could have started with now runs his own very successful asbestos removal company employing around 20 men earning a fortune. :x

but is he happy?

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me next.

Coming from Staffordshire, it was a sure thing I entered into the "pots".

Worked for the same company for 25 years. Doing a 2 shift rota.6.00am - 2.00pm. 2.00pm - 10.00pm. I was a areo-grapher. Turning the clay ware(tolets) into differant colours. Sprayed over 450 units per day. If you`ve got a bog with a "trent" badge on it, theres a good chance I`ve sprayed it..

But I wasn`t happy at work. Took out a loan and bought screen printing machinery from a chap selling up. Booted my car out of my garage, and started printing tees. Bit by bit added more machinery. Then took the plunge and bought premises. Added a 4 head embroidery machine to the list of equipment. My partner quit work to work in the shop full time. All this time I was still working full time for the same company. Working for 8 hrs at one place then doing another 4 at the shop, or 4hrs at the shop and then doing a full shift after. Did this for over 2 years, while the business built up. During this time, my partner never recieved a penny in wages. We lived of my income. ( a big thankyou goes out to her, couldn`t have done it with out her help ) :oops:

But towards the end, accountants ran the firm. Figures was all they wanted. Never a pat on the back when things went well. But the bricks really fell on you, when they went wrong, wether it was your fault or not.

Took a pay off when they forced the work force to take a 10% cut in wages. And started it the shop full time. Best move I`ve ever made.

Just last month the firm where i worked, closed completley. With the lose of over 200 jobs.

Should have done it 15 years ago..(opps, but then I`d only have been 12 years old).....

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left school at 16 itching for work, first job was with the rep. theatre in dundee, making up stage sets & helping with costumes and lighting etc
working with freelance designers, brilliant job! (did not like the people i worked with) all stuck-up **** asking what qualifications i had) did not need any, i new what i wanted to do!

went for two job interviews on the same day, one was with the local council art dept. the other a self employed screenprinter & signmaker.
got both jobs, decided to work for the screenprinter, (no poxy desk job for me!) get the sleeves rolled up and away you go!!!

never looked back, been trained by the best, (yes the self employed screenprinter & signmaker don't tell his ex wife), Ed my partner, did the verses on the greeting cards (valentines) as seen, by hand, with a brush, took him two years to learn. amazing to see! we both just love our work!
and this web site!! Nicola

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Had my first wage packet on my 16th birthday, was working as a screen printer for 8 years then went to South Africa and got a job as a screen print forman. Spent 5 years there getting too much gyp from the bosses so went and set up as a signwriter. Had my own business for 8 years before returning to the UK. Went to see my old boss and he offered me a job again. 3 years later I bought the company from him when he retired. And have run the business for the last 7 years.

It's in the blood you know. :lol:

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Started at a screen printing company in Liverpool, running fully auto machines, to hand bench print and printing T shirts too (with the odd sign now and then) stayed at the same job for six years.

One particular job stands out with the old carousel, we had 10,000 off, Walls Sausages T towel project in 5 colour all hand printed, and dryed on a infa-red dryer, talk about 'Ground Hog Day' We did that two consecutive years :o
From there I took a job at a signmakers in Preston to set up a small screen print division. Didn't work out and I was ermmmm, sacked! :-? but I became hooked on vinyl and some how developed a one track mind on that was for me. (-)

Onward moved to the sunny south, early '93 again to a screen printer's/signmakers, stayed there a short while before taking a print management job in North London (money was an issue) after a year I moved to an even sunnier California.

I won't make you all sick with to many details, but worked as a self employed, signmaker/fitter and learnt quite alot more about the trade for the two years I lived there and managed to squeeze some swannnky times in Hollywood too. I also met my wife there, who is actully from North London before anyone asks! There's a large expat community over there.
After leaving LA we spent some time in Sydney, finally got back in '96
and worked with someone off the boards here, for two years (I'll leave you guessing) learnt some more from him which gave me a spring board to start my own business in '98 (thanks mate) and I haven't looked back, well only to L.A.
Good to hear everyone's stories.


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Left school at 16 (1976) joined the Royal Navy.
Left three years ago with my liver and kidneys barely intact.
Saw a sign company for sale in the local paper on the Monday. Bought it on the Wednesday. Been recovering from the shock ever since


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Applied to join the Royal Navy just before my sixteenth birthday but they couldn't take me for seven months so got a job at Goblin (the teasmade & hoover people) for seven months. Joined the R.N as a stoker at 16 1/2, spent nearly 20 years in the service working my way up, doing lots of courses one of which (2 years at engineering school ) gave me a degree in mechanical engineering. Most of my time was spent in nuclear submarimes so I haven't even seen the world !!
Join the navy and see Faslane and the inside of a tin can !!
Involved in a major road traffic accident in november 1992 (120mph head on)
Medically discharged from the RN in August 1994 as I wasn't getting any better, spent the next two years trying to get better and sitting around the house getting bored. Went to local tech and did an HND in mechatronics with the intention of getting a job in the semi-conductor industry, finished just as things in the industry went pear shaped !! (yes it was all my fault).
Got a job working for an engineering firm called Stirling Fluid Systems as an Operations Manager running the workshop but 8 months latter they got rid of me because my disability prevented me from going on site which was an important part of the job.
Went to a franchise show in April 99 (big mistake), was interested in a sign franchise which I bought with all the compensation I got for the accident, lasted about a year but could not make anywhere enough money to meet overheads. (Read my comments on the franchise debate and read between the lines like Mike did).
As I was responsible for the equipment I had and was about to loose my house I started Kingdom Signs in the hope of recovering.
Funny thing is that although the sign business nearly ruined me I love it and although I'm still in extremly deep water and things could go pearshaped any day I can't see me doing anything else.

Right thats me finished you can all wake up now, sorry to bore you all but John did ask !!

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Well, my history is boring in comparison with some of you.

Left school at seventeen for my first job as trainee draughtsman with the York Trailer Company, designing articulated trailers.

Second job was as trainee salesman in a local garage and ended up fifteen years later owning and managing it.

This is my third job and I've been at it for fifteen years now.

Funnily enough, one of the reasons for packing in the motor trade was that I was spending all my time on dealing with staff and pushing paperwork instead of actually doing the job myself. Exactly the position i find myself in again.

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What a interesting and varied past we all have.........sorry to here about your devastating crash Martin 120mph what were you driving

well here we go

.................Mr Kelly........... THIS IS YOUR LIFE.................

I started out my working life at 14 as a paper boy for a Dillon's newsagents in Stockport, doing the morning papers before school Monday to Friday on sat morning I got up at I helped do a milk round until 8.30 then I went on to Saturday job in a car accessory shop until 5.30 on Sundays I slept . It was a great introduction to working life and I had more money than my Dad.

After leaving school well I never really went there anyway I did a 4 year apprentiship as an electrician qualified and left to work in my mums Pub.
Pub got sold and I was out of work stacked shelves in kwicksave, sold insurance, saw an add for trainee managers at McDonalds two weeks later I was living in London worked for two years as manager had enough and left.

Then went to work for a large catering Company help set up a new fast food chain but it didnt work closed after a year, worked on outside catering for Wimbledon buck place garden party's, Henley regatta I was the manager of the last J. Lyons Tea shop in the strand that closed October 1987 if you don't know who they were ask your gran they were a 200 strong chain in 20'&30's. the original Starbucks.

Ended up at Heathrow t4 job title Promotions and Merchandising Manager did sweet fa for 18 months cushiest job in the world one of my responsibilities was to organise display and signage for all the catering outlets in t4.

I contracted a chap called Peter Gage (of SignPost. Eastbourne ) to do a resigning project and after we had worked together a while he offered me a job as a rep for his company, He showed me how to fit my first van (Thanks Peter) Vauxall Astramax, Hubard Refrigeration. 6 months later Action Signs was born Feb. 1989 and that's how it all begun.

I like this job well I must do its the only thing ive stuck at, its not so much work more a hobby that pays well...


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Nice to see another ex-matelot in the group Martin.
A lucky escape from the crash at that speed.
I was a Seaman Specialist myself, you know all that upper deck (and fresh air stuff :wink: ) malarky.
I was on the Wakeful for a time running out of faslane. Took it to scrap in 87


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Well I would like to say thanks to John for this post, a stroke of geniuse and a great way of getting to know each other better.

I'm surprised at how few of us either started in the sign trade or spent any time in other sign shops.

We are a wonderfully independent and enterprising bunch of lads and lasses aren't we!!

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Gray wrote:OK my turn :o


In Tasmania I went to Art School for 3 years, had a range of jobs from picking apples to blowing up rocks in a quarry. Later worked in a camera store while I studied ticketwriting.

Doesnt everyone in Tassie pick apples :lol: :lol:

I always wanted to work in a nursery or be a gardener. I worked part time in a nursery and also as a delivery person for a florist in Sydney when i left school.
I then got a full time job in a wharehouse for a company that sold horticultural products to nuseries all over new south wales. during that time i became involved in motorsport and met my future boss(didnt know it at the time). We became good mates and when the company i worke dfor went bust, he offered me a job. I thought it would be ok and have been a signwriter ever since. That was 13 years ago and i am still enjoying it.

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Great topic, fascinating's mine

Left school 16, swept factory floors for industrial temping agency, parents not amused. Became apprentice electrician for a year, great fun but not too challenging.

All my friends got 'A' Levels and started to plan univeristy so I thought I'd join the navy, navy don't like asthmatics so I was left 18years old on my ( oh i swore ) with nothing.

Mother dispatched me to learn computer programming, mother is a big lady, dare not argue. As luck would have it ended up in financial IT. Head swelled, wallet swelled, went contracting, moved around made loads of dosh, spent just a bit more. A few years in the city gently loosing any technical skill, transfering expertise to banking rather than IT. Got fed up, quit bought a motorbike, bought a license, rode across the Saharah (daft idea, don't do it!!!).

Set up a company making fencing equipment (sport of fencing), invented a toy sword. Spent all savings went back to banking. Carried on with the fencing business, bought a farm.

Toy sword started to grow in popularity now have substantial sales, yet to break the big time (available in Hamleys, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Jorvik Viking Centre and a variety of scottish castles). We import hungarian Fencing kit because it's just not economical to manufacture that type of stuff in the UK. If you fancy you can visit our webstore don't be shy, test the checkout button it really does work.

Set up a signmaking business in an attempt to build a proper business to help cushion me when the banking work dried up.

The banking work has now dried up so I've employed 2 signmakers and am restructuring

I bought some temporary classrooms from a local school and put them in one of the yards on the farm, one is now a sign workshop and the other houses Battling, the journey to work is just 50metres from the house past a couple of barns. My lovely wife and I chase our tails all day, there's still bread on the table but it's all a challenge.

We love the signmaking, there's a real accomplishment to it. Name another industry where your product is so proudly displayed by your customers. To the customer the sign is all about them and their business but as we drive by we never see it as their sign, it's another one of ours, we love that!

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I left school at 16 planning to do an IT a level, but changed my mind and did in NVQ's 2&3 in IT instead. Got work placement where I'm at now and did all my engraving and sign making training here, its all I know :o Think I need to get out a bit more :oops:


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what did you do

I thought i'd already posted here,but i can't spot it so here we go again (possibly)!!
Left school at 16 (1978) and went straight in to Coal mining.
Sort of made that lifes work.. really enjoyed it, people great , conditions absolutely crap, but we had fun!!! Moved from one pit to another as they were gradually shut down. Helped to sink the shaft at Asfordby, Melton Mowbray and stayed at the place until ayear before it closed and was filled in.
Enjoyed various jobs out in the fresh air,sunshine and rain for about 12months.Went to work for Caterpillar building backhoe loaders and telehandlers, 3 years as a 'Temp' left CAT and worked for Hays logistyics doing Transport Co-ordination. Couldn't stand the office enviroment, so left and went to work for a local toolhire company.
Got caught playing with a plotter during lunch and the rest they say is history!!!!!

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I baby-sat neighbor kids starting at 12 years old
(including the daughter of a bit-part actor in "Night of the Living Dead")
I was a tour guide at a local "haunted" museum from the ages of 15 to 18.
I also began waitressing at a local diner at the age of 16.
After graduating High School in 1980, I attended art school for 6 months but hated it. I still worked at the same diner. It was miserable there.
I got married @ 19 and started producing offspring.
When I was about 23, my cousin needed a sign painted.
I was always "artsy" so he asked me. Word got around that I could paint signs. The rest is history.
I bought commercial property in 1989 and opened my shop in 1991 to support me & the kids after my divorce.
I learned about the Letterhead movement in 1992, and attended my first meet in 1994.
I went to vynull in 1997, but I still try to paint as much as possible.
I hosted my first meet in 2000, and the International in 2002.
I suppose I'll stick with signs, altho some days I wonder why!
Love...Jill :wink:

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Hi all,
Left school at 15 (69) joined RAF did apprenticeship at Cosford in electronics (air radar) then worked on Vulcans at RAF Waddington nr lincoln till 77. While at waddington got friendly with the painters and finishers who sprayed aircraft and did all the signwriting on them, helped out when I wasnt busy and when I left apprenticed with a sign painter for a couple of years. Sadly he died (Iwasnt that bad honest) so decided to go for it myself and here I am still, just! :lol:

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Post Tue May 11, 2004 5:18 pm

OK my turn.......I was a police officer before this!!!!! (probably just made myself the most unpopular person on this site now!)

joined the Police at 19 and worked in Glasgow city centre for 4 years. Then one day a great big lorry had an argument with me on the M8, wrote my car off and left me with a very sore back :cry: . That was the end of my time in Strathclyde Police, I was medically dismissed. Spent almost 3 years recovering and basically doing nothing then got into this....... that was my penance for being a copper!

10 years on now and I'm cr*p at this!!!! :-?


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Post Tue May 11, 2004 10:19 pm

I signed "S" forms with Motherwell FC before i left school so i always assumed i`d go and play Football.

Turned out i just wasn`t good enough and went into the family business as a Signwriter when i left high school. My Father and Grandfather were both traditional signwriters.

Joined Strathclyde Fire Brigade in 1994 and lasted 2 years before realising that the money was poor for the level of commitment and skill the job required so i went back to the family business and became a partner.

Was coerced into supplying and fitting vinyl when we realised we were paying 45 - 50k per year to sign firms. bought a plotter in 1996 and never looked back.


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Post Fri May 14, 2004 10:43 am


I left school and served my four years as a toolmaker, manufacturing moulds for mobiles and landline phones as well as moulds for the medical industry.
Went back to college after that and became a Tool Designer.. 2 more years at that ..
Started working as tool designer for Boston Scientific medical . spent over a year there ..
Then i got the idea for starting my own business, spent six months researching, got a premises , bought all the gear , computers , plotters etc..
Now 2.5 years down the line, i am still going strong , building a base of customers ,


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Post Fri May 14, 2004 1:46 pm

Left school half way through my a-levels and went to work for a local TV station as a tech op (cameras, lighting, sound, editing), the company went bust 18 months after I started, worked for an emergency lighting company repairing their rather bad quality fittings then started out doing signs etc on my own august last year.


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