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can anyone advise me with a couple of corel draw problems?


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Post Sun Sep 07, 2003 9:01 am

Hi Gray,
Try re-installing the program, or upgrade. All your drawing file's should be safe, but make a backup anyway.
(or you could be low on memory) first image and then import the second,

Wait to see if anyone else on the site can come up with other ideas before re-installing corel
Good luck


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As Simon says with importing another image, but unless your going to plant it on top of your original you may want to make room for it. Go to [Image] [Paper size] and add an area of paper where you intend placing the new image.
The image you import will be a new object that you can manoeuvre on the page into the correct position. Once you’re happy with the position you can combine it with the background to make a single image with your original.

The alternative to importing is to open the new image in a separate window and simple copy and past it into the original.

Well that’s all as clear as mud :roll: :lol: :lol:


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Post Sun Sep 07, 2003 1:11 pm

First go to view and click the toolbars you want to see
Then go to tools/options and set all the options you want , ticking "start a new document when starting corel" option
Then go to tools/settings for new documents and click what you want
Then all your settings will be remembered as a default and not with each document (which is most likely happeneing now)

As to the other thing , import and put it where you want or use a program like the freeware Xnview which is a fantastic corel browser , and drag and drop it from the xnview window to the corel one
(you can do the same with some other graphic viewers)
download it , you wont regret it - its a lovely graphics viewer that does vector and raster and is free

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Post Sun Sep 07, 2003 2:10 pm

Yes I have had this problem before and the solution for me was to uninstall photopaint then reinstall from original disk, good luck doug edwards

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