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Post Sat Aug 23, 2003 8:34 am


First we had the msblast.exe, around the glorious 12th (grouse thing) now its this new virus, last week I got literally hundreds of mails from addresses in the states mainly through the letterheads board.

Today I came in to finish up a little job and got another 42 mails all with the same virus including one from, which doesn't mean that UKSB mail is infected, but someone here might be and its propagating through their outlook express.

Its no problem to hit delete all the time but for anyone not protected it may be doing more damage...worth checking your virus updates.

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Post Sat Aug 23, 2003 9:06 am

:o :o :o :o arrggghh nightmare. i just logged on henry.
ive just installed my new norton firewall and antivirus.. i was already protected but changed to norton and updated.
you can imagine the amount of mail i get daily.. no point me taking any chances. :wink:

one thing for those who read this,
if yuo send me mail and it has "any" type of short subject line, i will delete it. thats unless im exspecting one from this person. otherwise i bin it.. sorry.
this isnt just for now. it always has been. so if anyone sent me a short note saying something like. read this, what do you think etc.. i simply dont read them. "unless im exspecting them" sorry :roll:

with these type of viruses doing the rounds, im glad i dont now actualy. :wink:

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a site i find very useful for all sorts of update stuff including which virus is doing the rounds and what anti virus program vendors are doing about it.

try here

i visit most days to keep informed

only one small pop up on entry but other than that its a very good site.

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Post Sun Aug 24, 2003 4:17 pm

Interesting site that, I had to smile at their description of XP

"In its default setup, Windows XP on the Internet amounts to a car parked in a bad part of town, with the doors unlocked, the key in the ignition and a Post-It note on the dashboard saying, "Please don't steal this." recent virus attacks appear to bear that out.

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Post Sun Aug 24, 2003 4:40 pm

made me smile too :)

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