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Just switched supplier for sublimation ink and now the problems start.Now useing Rotech Ink from Listerwoods supplied with colour correction software.
Problem is colours printed through Corel Draw 8 are a million miles away and colours through Corel Draw 10 are wishey washey.
Any suggestions very welcome.



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Sorry i can't help here, I know the Rotech inks are very good.

You might want to PM Sharon (Red Dragon) as i know she uses Rotech inks and corel draw

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Hi James,

To be perfectly honest I don't use the colour correction software, only the ICC profile supplied from Rotech themselves. It's very rare I have to correct colours (only one recently was for a particular breed of dog, which should be creamy, and the ICC was printing a bit to yellow, sorted in the end).

A lot of my subli items recently have been based around red items, and they've worked out fine.

I use Corel Draw 11, and noticed on the screen the difference in colours between 8 and 11, so I now only use 8 for files relating to Corel 5. I still have to load 5 now and again to open older .cmx files such as those from Corel Art Show.

Visit the Rotech site, register and they will send you a link to download the ICC, that's they way I got mine.

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Sublimation ink

Hi James

Sorry to hear you are having colour problems.

Can I suggest you get in touch with our technical support team after the weekend. I am sure they will be able to help.

Listawood Trade Supplies Ltd

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