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Rewarding your staff members.


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Rewarding your staff members.

There is a old saying : Pay your workers peanuts and you get monkeys. Ife been working in my fathers Printing Company from the age of 12 and realised how important communication is. I saw printers come and go and asked my father why? Because i became friends with everyone working there i talked to them about everything from bussines to personal problems and what drives them. i could see when they were de-motivated and always try to give my father a hint of how to help this person. I become HR (human Resouces) in one way but bridged the gap between hs workers and himself as a director and bussines owner.
And i think every company should have someone doing and looking out for others ,motivating them and show honest Appreciation. This could be in a form like a paid holiday or weekend. A small share in the company only profit wise while he\she is employed. I can be honest with you the best way to do bussines is not by looking where you can cut your labour cost but where you can use them to the best of their intrests and making the job a achivement.You will get 110% effort from that person garenteed.
Look after your staff. know them. they are not machines and need support and motivation.Dont be stingy because it will come back to you.Your service as a company will only be the way your staff feels at that moment for your company. Earn respect and you will get loyalty.
Treat your workers like your customers.

Pierre Erasmus

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Sorry mate, great post etc but i just can`t see past this huge wooden baseball bat with 4" nails hammered through it. I call it "Biff".

It`s a motivational godsend.



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I keep telling myself to treat me better, but will I listen, will I heck as like. So as far as I’m concerned I’m only going to give 70% and if I don’t like it; well that’s just the point I do like it though 60% would be better. :lol: :lol:

Despite my one man band lazy banter you make a good point Pierre, we all need to feel appreciated and get a genuine pat on the back from time to time.


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...and when you work for yourself - it's great when a customer takes the trouble to say "thank you" for a job well done...course I still want payin' too! :wink:

very poignent post - thanks Pierre...

more soon


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I was talking about this same subject with my dad just the other day. Dad's had for years varying businesses employing quite a number of staff. He has always expected a good effort from his people and as such has paid them above award rates.

He looks after those people that were putting that extra bit in, paying cash on weekends and the like.

Unfortunately it was the staff that ruined things for dad. When some left ( got fired) due to a downturn in work, dad got sued for wrongfull dismissal and then had the tax man 'sicced on him for paying this bloke cash. this didn't happen once, it happened three times in two years. Once they leave they don't want to just go away and be able to return later... They want to hurt you too.

Oh I forgot...The staff member that helped to steal a $350 000 mercedes Benz from dad's workshop. The staff member that ran his weekend business with dad's stock...This was just last year.

After that he paid only award rates, no overtime in cash...Everything strictly legal.

He's sold the business now...I've never seen him happier.

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I think a good example of keeping staff happy is the documentary about the funeral directors. Don't drop the coffin i think it's called.
I know there may be some element of being in front of the camera but the staff on there really seem content and more importantly, happy and keen with their jobs.


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I could write for hours about the best ways to motivate people but here's a couple of good and bad examples.

Job1, small publishing company: On Friday's the boss would often have his lunch in the pub next door and would get the first couple of rounds in whilst at the same time making a small impromptu 'thankyou' speech for a good weeks work. It was never planned nor was any segregation made between the accounts, sales, distribution departments etc., Every member of staff sweated blood for this guy.

Job 2 National Newspaper: 20 Salespeople invited for a drink to celebrate 100,000 sales in one week. One bottle of beer bought, staff member criticised for accepting drink as they worked in another section (they were in the pub anyway). Sales manager calling out after one beer, 'Who's going to get the next round..I'll have a Bud!' at which point 15 people left to 'get back to work'

I think the reward should suit the success and be appropriate for the person in question. Obviously alcohol is not everyones ideal 'lifter' but more can be achieved when something is done spontaneously without limit.

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Well as this fella is my one and only member off staff I find the old biscuit bone the best reward. :lol:
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Now I really understand how downtrodden I am !!!!!!

Donna beats me daily, pays me little, persecutes me for being an ethnic minority (signmaker), & generally abuses me :roll:

But .............. then we get to go home .....

& it starts all over again :evil:

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