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Our best tips!


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Our best tips!

Hi guys!

I thought this thread would make good reading!

1. My most useful tool is a 6" squeegie which is used for screenprinting.
I clean down surfaces with water and a taste of meths and then squeegie the wet surface ready for a clean, dry application.
2. Those used pieces of application tape can be saved and make great firelighters.

I've just started the ball rolling - you can carry on!

Best regards

Philip Houston

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If you use a hinge method for application like me, old speaker magnets are great for holding graphics on a van whilst you line them up.


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Thanks Alan, great idea. I'll use your advice for sure!

My great digital camera tip!!!

Cut a 12" x2" strip of magnetic and cover with a coloured vinyl.
When measuring up your next vehicle job, place the magnetic strip onto the centre of the vehicle and snap your image.
Back at the computer download your image, zoom into the magnet strip, draw a box exactly over it and resize it to 12". (Be sure that the resize everything box is also selected!)
Now you have a full size image on your screen - without any hassle!

Try it yourself, its a winner!

Regards Philip

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