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can Ritrama Cast 670 series adhere to plastics?


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Post Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:11 am

can Ritrama Cast 670 series adhere to plastics?

Moving on in this magical world of vinyl I am trying various materials. I have taking a liking to Ritrama 670 cast 50µ material and plan on using it for various projects.

One thing that I am currently testing is it's adhesion to plastics, and painted plastics (as on motorcycles). All dry application onto cleaned surfaces.

I am applying various testing strips on various items around the house (I have a tolerant wife :) )

Painted plastics seem OK, older plastics are not too bad, but I found a massive difference in adhesion on my 2 wheelie bins. One is new (delivered last week) and the older one is several years mature. The cast material took some effort to lift off the older bin but the new one practically peeled off like medium tack masking tape.

Cleanliness was good for both and I wondered if there was an explanation for the massive difference in adhesion to these identical surfaces, excluding age.

Could it be the plasticizer in the plastic leaching still, mould release, or lack of time for the test (48Hrs outside). I did run the heat gun over both strips to compensate for the current low temperatures at application.

Interested in your thoughts on this observation.


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Post Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:34 pm

Hi Nigel,

I think you are right re the leaching etc , its a low energy surface so wouldnt expect a really good bond unless you use a rubber based adhesive such as Oracal hi tack, could be the older surface has had plenty of time for outgasing,need a warm temperature to ensure adhesive is as tacky as possible for best grab, this would speed up the leaching of the new bin.


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Post Tue May 01, 2007 10:53 pm

Cameron please accept my apologies. I thought no one had replied to this message as I did not receive an notification.

Thank you for the reply. Confirming what I suspected but just looking for a second opinion.

Belated regards


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