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vehicle graphics: brendon crawford


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Post Wed Jun 11, 2003 2:40 pm

vehicle graphics: brendon crawford

This job was done not long after reading Robs' "vehicle wrap demo"

So all inspired I tackled the deep recesses between the upper panels.
I used all cast vinyl, layer at a time, using a heat gun.

The result was pleasing, until today when I saw the van again.
Large bubbles had appeared in the gullys, the vinyl had shrunk away from the surface, and gone a bit brittle.
The only way I could fix it was to cut out the bad sections and patch it with fresh vinyl.

A possible mistake was not heating the van itself first.
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Post Wed Jun 11, 2003 3:39 pm

That’s a bit of hard luck Gray, you wouldn’t have expected that from cast. Do you think your second heating was sufficiently high!

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Post Wed Jun 11, 2003 6:32 pm

Am I seeing that right Gray? It's just the stripe that goes across the recesses?

If so, We wouldn't have used a cast at all but a good quality calendered and fed it into the recesses. There is no need to stretch the vinyl at all and therefore no chance of it popping back out.

Even so, something must have been seriously wrong because those VW's aren't that deep, nothing like a Sprinter.

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Post Wed Jun 11, 2003 6:35 pm

hi gray..
looking at the van, i take it that the areas that popped are the red panel area?

im thinking, OZ has high tempretures to begin with so heating the panel first should not be an issue. Only if the panel was cold when applying it first.

it could only really be one of two things.. or maybe both..

the vinyl has reacted badly!
being a cast i wouldnt have thought it.. but i have heard of cast pulling back a few times before.
what make was it?

the second i would say, would be after applying it.. repeat heating, 2 more times.
"ill try make more sense of that" what i mean is...
if the van is cold to touch, then heat the panels..
if the van is not cold then apply as it is.
when applying, use heat to stretch the vinyl into the recess. (like shown in the "tan van" vehicle wrap demo)
once its stretched in continue to give it a light blast..
leave it and go onto another part of van giving it time to cool. then return.
this time, heating the area/recess of the van panel.. "not the vinyl only" the panel should be as hot as a cuppa tea :wink:
again. leave it.. when your finished the rest of the van return to these areas and give a third blast.. again, hot as a cuppa-tea.. :wink:

a tip for anyone worried about trying this and the vinyl popping at a later stage. what i used to do, when experimenting with this kind of application.
apply like above, but this time, when finished and only when the panel has cooled down.. take a sharp scapel blade and run gently a slit in the corner of the recess from top to bottom of the vinyl that has crossed the recess.
and leave it..
what this does is...
if the vinyl shrinks enough to start to pull out.. all that happens is the slit opens a mill or so. nothing pops or starts to look ugly..
the worst that you see is a very thin line of white or whatever colour the van is underneath.. do this in both corners of the recess..

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