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My first attempt at a website Please comment


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Post Sun Apr 20, 2003 10:05 pm

My first attempt at a website Please comment

Hello Chaps and Chapesses,

Just published my first attempt at a website, it is still under construction but have come to a bit of a brick wall with deciding what content to put in it.

I will welcome all criticism (:) from you all and openly accept any suggestions (hot) to make it a better place to visit.

Check out

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Post Sun Apr 20, 2003 10:41 pm

hi paddy
thanks for sharing mate..
the site looks fine. you have the imprtant catagories in place. just work on filling them up and keep things interesting.

ill be a little critical here as i think it may help.. but remember this doesnt give you the badge to start slagging my crap spelling.. :lol: :lol: here goes

my first impression was that it was pretty bland. the logo and dragon a little high, could be lowered slightly.
the outline round your logo i feel clashes with the background..
remember this is the home page. first page to make an impression.
folk arriving to your site are looking for you to make them look good..
i would also suggest trying to incorporate some kind of image or somthing to bring the page to life.

About Us:
i would maybe try incorporate some more images here. maybe one of your car with company name or somthing.. maybe a picture of you weeding or applying graphics..

i would drop the first two paragraphs & use them elsewhere on the site, this is more about what you do than who you are.. just my opinion mate. not trying to down what you have done.

Product Range
i will need to have a better think. i just quickly went over this.

the gallery is fine as i know you have only started in business so pictures will be limited.
what you could do is maybe take the fiesta you did.
show a screen shot of the vehicle outline being designed and the images in place. then a picture of the finished job.
you could do this with the wheel covers also.. or one at least showing the 3 finished covers.
another way of making this look a little busier is to maybe take one picture of the jeep you have but overlay the cover with a design.. you could use the same jeep 3-4 times giving different ideas.
this could also be done with the banner image.. you dont need to only show finished signs.. show off a little it costs nothing to make an image on the comp...

Contact Us
i would probably put the address first. then numbers then e-mail..

i see this is still under construction.. but i know a fairly good uk sign site you could link to... :lol: :lol: :lol:

i hope you dont take my comments to serious paddy. the sites great for your first go at it.. it has the grounds. just try building on it as you go along. you will go back many times and change things you dont like.. its a trial and error thing..

well done on the site mate and i wish you all the best with it mate.. :wink:

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Post Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:38 am

if you need any help making webpages, just drop me a line. I'm sure I can sort you out with what ever suits you best, help or someone to do it for you.

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Post Mon Apr 21, 2003 7:08 am

Hi Paddy, thanks for sharing that with us, I love to see how others cope with making web pages, I find it very difficult myself.

A couple of comments, the red dragon clashes a bit, could it have a white outline or summit?
The vehicle graphic on the home page, I'd like to either see it as a transparent gif (ie, not in a white box) or, better still, an actual photograph of the vehicle, maybe your own mug on there would make it more personal too.

General design: maybe a colour bar or frame (if you can do them) down the left. I feel it needs breaking up a bit into sections by colour or such.

Still, I can't talk, mine's not much better!

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Post Wed Apr 23, 2003 12:15 am

Like Gray I am not a web designer and my site is no better than yours paddy but take note of what Robert has said as he has covered a fair bit.
I might also have a look at your products page and rethink it a bit. Dont start with something like Road signs as you have done, put the list in the order you do most work ie. start with something like vehicle livery or shop facias. This is where most of your business will probably come from so this needs to be at the top. The setion on A boards says wood or grp, I know people should not take the site to literally but a lot will so I think you need to mention metal boards as most people expect them to be made like this.
As a couple of people have said already maybe a picture of yourself on the site. Maybe on the about us page where you talk about being a family business. As people keep saying on here it is nice to put a picture to a name.
I'm not sure about the gallery either Paddy, this is a difficult one I think. Yes it is great to show people what you can and have done and as you do more jobs I would encourage you to display them but with you just starting and not having much to put in it I dont know if this would put people off. If people cant see the type of job they are asking you to do I dont know if they would be put off. Perhaps someothers would like to comment on this after all a lot of this is just opinion so I'm sure others will have a different view.
I'm not trying to put you off having a gallery as I think they are a good Idea, just saying it might be better to wait untill you have a little more to put in it.

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Post Sat May 10, 2003 8:43 pm

Hi Paddy

The problem with web sites is how do you tell everyone everything that you do and keep it simple and interesting . I have over 9000 products in my data base most of these are the same products but different sizes etc. and you can't put up a pic and discription for everything.More power to your elbow i think it's a cool start far better than i could do. I`m just down the road from you in Wrexham if you want some advice on how not to do something i could probably sort that out. :wink:

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Post Tue May 13, 2003 5:50 pm

If thats your first ever attempt, you did well.

Its now that you have a base, that you can start polishing it up. :D

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