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stickers help


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stickers help

Ive been asked to do some stickers for a local garage but they have to be paper with garage name address etc printed on them then the garage can write on them for eg. next service due and stick them to the bodywork under the bonnet.Can anyone tell me where I could get this material from and what size sheets it comes in.

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Try Robert Horne.

We supply a similar thing to one of our clients but we use a matt vinyl and they can write on that with no problems.

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Post Thu Feb 13, 2003 1:38 pm

why not just get some avery labels and print them???

I don't know how paper ones would stand upto the heat and wet under a bonnet though.
Alternatively get vinyl ones done and supply them with a permanent OHP pen to write on them with

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Avery do a Polyester based Industrial Label.

This is supposed to be petrol, oil and grease proof.

If you've got a Fineline or suchlike catalogue they are in there.

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