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wikisignpedia officially launches in Beta Version


Over 426 sign wiki's now submitted.


wiki updated due to glitch in post count. This glitch has now been rectified.


Wikisignpedia has now been launched in beta-version to 15 trustee members of UKSB only.

We would like to encourage members to contribute as much as possible. Particularly on information based on their geographical location.

Thank you…

Robert Lambie


Sign Making Vinyl

Presure sensitive self-adhesive graphic vinyl film used for the creation of signs.

Terms used to describe the manufacturing processes.

Rolls are normally purchased in 3 sizes and available in lengths normally up to 50mtrs.

  1. 380mm (15inch)
  2. 610mm (24inch)
  3. 1220mm (48inch)

Vinyl is either printed or cut on a plotter, when plotted the vinyl requires weeding and then application tape is used to prepare the graphic before applying to the surface.

Vinyl that is printed sometimes is laminated to improve the durability and lightfastness of the graphic.

Manufacturing process


The process of passing vinyl through a set of rollers, this makes a smooth even and gloss finish. This is how production of good quality vinyl is made which is reflected in its lower cost.


The process of mixing up the ingredients and then pouring onto a running conveyer system, this then gets baked to form a strong material, you could consider the process similar to baking a cake, the material is far more forgiving for shaping and made much thinner.

Makeup of the Vinyl


Monomeric - A monomer is small molecules that may chemically bond to other monomers, this forms a polymer. It is generally considered to be the shortest term of useage for a vinyl and the cheapest.


Polymeric - A polymer is a substance composed of molecules with large molecular mass composed of repeating structural units, or monomers, connected by covalent chemical bonds. Most calendared vinyls are polymeric, this is used for vinyls up to say 7 years.



These are liquids that are add during the process of making vinyls. They add flexibility to the final film. They soften the feel to the hand.


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