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wikisignpedia officially launches in Beta Version


Over 426 sign wiki's now submitted.


wiki updated due to glitch in post count. This glitch has now been rectified.


Wikisignpedia has now been launched in beta-version to 15 trustee members of UKSB only.

We would like to encourage members to contribute as much as possible. Particularly on information based on their geographical location.

Thank you…

Robert Lambie


Welcome to

  • Welcome to the worlds first sign makers online wiki-encyclopedia that sign makers and sign making suppliers anywhere in the world can help contribute to at the touch of a button.
  • To begin using wikisignpedia, simply Login now, or register and then you can login.
  • Registration and unlimited use of wikisignpedia is 100% FREE.
  • Existing members of do not need to register here, just login using the same username and password as you do on

Brief guide to providing content:

  • Content should be based on Suppliers, Industry Figures, Products, Organisations, machines, machine parts, tools and the like.
  • should not be used as a form of free advertising in any form.
  • Where possible, we would like to encourage the use of picture images, this can be by including a company logo, product pictures or even in video format if available.
  • We would like to encourage content providers to highlight internal linking.

This can easily be achieved by highlighting a word in a passage and clicking the internal chain link icon [without the globe next to it].

  • All content submitted may be edited at any time to help comply with these rules of content or simply to add to the content already provided.
  • Please do not create a wiki based on your own sign company.

For more help on creating or editing a wiki, please see here: how to wiki and PlayGround

//More help info to follow://

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Random Wiki


Walldogs are a group of sign & mural artists from all over the globe. The tradition of painting wall advertisements date back long before today. Evidence of this can be seen as Ghost Signs throughout cities of all sizes. These mural painters of old were often called Walldogs. We adopted this nickname.

Along with the title of Walldog, today’s mural artists have also adopted many other traditions that show in their work, from the colors they use to the design styles they practice, these murals capture that sense of nostalgia and historic significance.

The Walldog movement began in Allerton, Iowa on the summer of 1993 hosted by Nancy Bennett. That meet was the first official Walldog meet. Dozens of sign artist or Letterheads arrived in Allerton to paint several large historic wall advertisements. Since then the Walldog Movement has continued to grow.

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