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wiki blog

wikisignpedia officially launches in Beta Version


Over 426 sign wiki's now submitted.


wiki updated due to glitch in post count. This glitch has now been rectified.


Wikisignpedia has now been launched in beta-version to 15 trustee members of UKSB only.

We would like to encourage members to contribute as much as possible. Particularly on information based on their geographical location.

Thank you…

Robert Lambie

Table of Contents

How to Wiki

  • 1. In the search box, Type the “word” you wish to create a wiki for.

This is because, before creating the wiki, you must find out if it already exists. A result will come back, with either orange text showing an exact matched word, or no match. Sometimes you will see other wikis in the lower section of the results in grey text containing the word you are about to create the wiki for, but that doesn’t mean a actual wiki has been created for that word. So you are free to proceed.

  • 2. So the wiki has not been created! What to do is, simply click the button “create a wiki page” and you will now see the following. Just re-type the word that will be searched for where you see the text “example word” below and highlight it.

You now have the text highlighted as shown shown below, now click the button The instant you do this the lines each side of the word will appear like below. This is fine, you are now ready to type information below this heading.

Now see image below to complete your wiki.


Lets say you want to create a wiki laid out like this one below based on the word “Sign”? This is broke up into catagories. To do this, simply create a category title within your passage. Highlight it like before, but this time click . For each category below that, just do same, all the way. Once you are done, you can preview your wiki before saving by clicking preview. If happy, simply click save.


This is pretty straight forward. You need a picture file located on your hard drive. Simply click the “edit this page” button. Click your cursor where you want the picture to appear, then click the small picture icon button. Here you simply locate the file on your PC and upload it. Once you see it in the upload preview, click on the image and it will appear in your wiki. Now hit save and you are done.

This should be enough to get you started… once you are familiar with the functionality you may have a play in our test section found here: PlayGround

can you better this wiki entry?  If so, juct click edit and then save.
how_to_wiki.txt · Last modified: 2008/03/09 20:50 by dave rowland
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Car'nTruck Collection

Contains over 11,000 Vehicle Templates

Car 'n Truck Collection offers 5 detailed views.

Design comfortably With the to-scale vehicle templates 1:20 - scale it takes just a few seconds to design professional vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps. The templates contain all important details, like door opener, fuel cabs, rails and much more details. There is no need anymore to measure the vehicles yourself, it's already done.

Time-saving You can start right away with the design. With the Car 'n Truck Collection you are able to produce to-scale presentations and designs of vehicle lettering and striping. The templates can be coloured and modified in nearly in all major Graphics and Sign making Programs. Your customers will love it.

Model-Guide The Model Guide of the Car 'n Truck Collection, contained on the Disk as pdf-file, contains 1:100 scaled images of the vehicle templates. It shows all important details like width of windows and doors, distances between moldings. It is so easy to design exact letterings. All prints do not have fillings and are made in black & white. This makes sure that photocopies of the prints will not loose too much quality.

For MacOS or PC/Windows The DVD run on MS-DOS/Windows and on Apple Macintosh - computers. It is not neccessary to install or unpack the vehicle templates. Just open or import the files from the DVD into your graphic- or sign making application. That's all. Most can be found in coreldraw X3 discs also.

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