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wikisignpedia officially launches in Beta Version


Over 426 sign wiki's now submitted.


wiki updated due to glitch in post count. This glitch has now been rectified.


Wikisignpedia has now been launched in beta-version to 15 trustee members of UKSB only.

We would like to encourage members to contribute as much as possible. Particularly on information based on their geographical location.

Thank you…

Robert Lambie



A print damper sits above each of the heads on a printer. whilst the head is docked the damper fills with ink. as the head begins printing and moving from side to side, it is fed ink by the damper sitting above it. as the damper empties, the head returns to its docking position for a refill. dampers also act as a sort of last filter of the ink before it enters the head.

dampers cost around £20 each and can be fitted pretty easily by a steady, careful hand. cheap dampers can deteriorate quickly if used in solvent machines.

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Founded by the Lego Group in 1963. Present in over 35 countries, and with forty locations in the US alone as a result of our merger with ASI in 1993, we are today the world’s largest architectural sign company.

At Modulex we take care of our own brand and believe our solutions will help our clients take care of theirs.

The quality of the sign solutions in your workplace and the care with which they are deployed contributes to the wellbeing of your brand and sends a positive message to staff and customers alike.

Knowledgeable, competent, reliable and progressive are some of our brand values. They inspire how we behave, how we present ourselves, and how we carry out our business. They define what it means for us to belong to Modulex and what you can expect and, we hope, experience when we work with you.

Founded over forty years ago, Modulex has unrivalled experience in the field of wayfinding consultancy and architectural signage. We offer world-class products at fair prices. And we aim to become an effective partner by providing objective and independent advice, helping you reach a practical, cost-effective solution to your signage needs.

At Modulex we care for the environment and continuously strive to improve our relationship with the natural world. This concern is reflected in every stage of the product lifecycle, from design to disposal.

Our products are designed to last and to be easily recycled when their useful life comes to an end, and we rigorously control the use of toxic chemicals and the consumption of water in our processes. These efforts have not gone unnoticed. Our local environmental agency has awarded us a diploma for “extraordinary environmental work” for the last three years.

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