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wikisignpedia officially launches in Beta Version


Over 426 sign wiki's now submitted.


wiki updated due to glitch in post count. This glitch has now been rectified.


Wikisignpedia has now been launched in beta-version to 15 trustee members of UKSB only.

We would like to encourage members to contribute as much as possible. Particularly on information based on their geographical location.

Thank you…

Robert Lambie



Aluminium is designed primarily for outdoor applications, and will not rust. Aluminium is lightweight, yet sturdy. It is the ideal choice for real estate and traffic signage.

Due to its manufacturing process, the surface is often very oily. Cleaning is very important to get the surface prepared for signing. Most aluminium is powdercoated prior to signing, and is rarely signed raw.

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aluminium.txt · Last modified: 2008/03/24 00:56 by andrew ritchie
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